Monday, January 14, 2008

Congrats, Dad!

Featured on the Oregon State Univ. home page today...

Krane Honored by OSU's University Honors College

CORVALLIS, Ore. ­ The University Honors College at Oregon State University has selected Ken Krane as its '2008 Eminent Professor,' an award given in recognition of outstanding instruction to the university¹s honors students.

Krane is a professor emeritus of physics and has been active in teaching University Honors College courses since the program¹s inception in 1995.

"Ken Krane exemplifies how bringing OSU¹s best faculty together with highly motivated and capable students can leverage learning for those students, and for the broader OSU student body who enroll in physics," said Bill Bogley, associate dean of the UHC.

An innovator in science education, Krane most recently has worked to build a bridge between physics education and the curriculum for students at OSU on pre-medical and pre-engineering tracks. He has also supervised National Science Foundation-sponsored physics workshops at the university that focus on helping new physics faculty become better teachers.

In 2004, Krane was recognized by the American Association of Physics Teachers with its Millikan Medal, presented for outstanding instruction.

Krane chaired the Department of Physics at OSU from 1984 to 1998. He has written or edited nearly 20 books and monographs, as well as dozens of research articles.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Mom: A1, again...

My mom was featured (again!) on the front page of her hometown paper...this time, about her years of involvement with the state and national chapters of the League of Women Voters.

When American women finally received the right to vote in 1920, an organization arose to make sure that women’s suffrage was conducted in an educated and thoughtful way. The League of Women Voters was created as a nonpartisan organization aimed at examining the issues and the candidates before voters.

“The overall philosophy was, ‘We worked hard to earn the vote, let’s use it properly and be knowledgeable about the issues,’” said Corvallis League of Women Voters member and former chapter and state president Paula Krane.

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