Sunday, January 30, 2005

U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2 (is coming!)

One of my favorite bands is coming to the bay area in April -- catch their live show on April 9, in San Jose at HP Pavillion. Thanks to a buddy, I've got my tickets...and hope LB and The Seed will be settled in, so LB can join us (wishful thinking, but we'll see!). I'm really curious to see what Bono, Edge, and the rest of the band have planned for this tour. The heart-shaped stage and 9/11 tribute, among many other insanely cool details, is a hard act to follow. After reading criticism of Bono's ability to count correctly (on the first single,"Vertigo"), it will be amusing to hear him belt out "quatorze" at the top of his lungs!

On a related note, the last time the guys were in San Jose, they were pushing U2-branded Apple iPods w/Steve Jobs.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Seed Shopping

Apologies for the lack of updates in this space in recent weeks. Been busy with a zillion things, everything from Google's global sales conference, lots of hockey games, and of course, the Google annual ski trip.

Last Sunday was devoted to The Seed. LB and I spent several hours at a local baby superstore, shopping for some of the basics we'll need when The Seed arrives (due date: March 20 -- less than 2 mos.!). We acquired a crib, some linens and soft padding for the interior perimeter of the crib, an infant car seat, a stroller and misc. clothing items. It was a marathon shopping experience, but I think we're both somewhat relieved that we acquired a number of the essentials, in the event that we have an early arrival!

For those interested, here's more detail on the various items we purchased. Would love any feedback or suggestions you have if you're familiar w/any of these products.

* Stroller: Bugaboo Frog (pictured above) and infant carseat connector
* Infant car seat: Graco Snugride LX5 Metropolitan
* Ragazzi crib
* Various smaller items -- clothing, bath supplies, crib accessories, etc.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Introducing Google Video
Search Recent TV Programs Online

Nice write-up about this launch in today's LA Times (subscription required). Work in progress, but proof-of-concept...much more to come from us in this space.

(yes, it's a beta!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Yes, Steve did it again -- another successful Macworld performance. As a former member of the Apple PR team, Gizmodo's take on the amazing Apple marketing machine had me in stitches!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Safire on Tounge-Tippers

In Sunday's NYT...

Tounge Tippers:
Terms used in place of words on the tip of the speaker's tongue but just beyond linguistic reach.
e.g. whichamahoosy, whatchamacallit, thingumabob, .....

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Chicken and Coffee

Had to miss two hockey games this week (BUMMER), but ate chicken and drank coffee today. I think my stomach is finally repaired.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Stomach Funkola

I'm stuck at home today, battling stomach funk #7. Doesn't feel like the flu, doesn't feel like I'm pregnant. Not sure what's going on. I'm glad Google is closed for business today...but sadly, my last day away from the office isn't going to be too productive.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

60 Minutes, Redux

So after more than a year of work, the Google feature came and went just like that. Lots of comments popping up all over the web, and in my in-box. Here's an example of the most common feedback I've heard tonight:

There was a math question given on the 60 minute interview showing Google's job application questions. One of the questions was what is the next number in the sequence of 10, 9, 60, 90, 70, 66? My ten year old son wrote the numbers down and came up with 141. Can you please tell us the correct answer, so knows if he was right or not?

I'm surprised Lesley didn't ask Alan to answer the question...

Other interesting comments from across the Web:

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