Saturday, August 19, 2006

Taking some time...

...away from the busy pace of the Googleplex. Inspired by short, but wonderful hiatus in March, I'll be doing non-Google things for the next two weeks. My adventures started today at a 3-year-old b-day party at Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay. A number of Ari's friends were there (including Kai, the birthday boy). Highlights included the pony rides (a first for little man) and a choo choo ride through a haunted town (Ari kept saying..."bones!").


  • Mr. Krane,

    With first-time-fatherhood quickly approaching (less than 5 days, according to the doctor's estimate), I am particularly drawn to professionals who manage to blog about the joy of their kiddos. Reminding all of us that we have a multi-faceted perspective that give shape to our more public and professional lives. Good stuff on the choo-choo ride and pony town. Clearly you're only a balloon-shaping clown away from the ideal little-kid birthday trifecta!

    I've actually started a blog entirely geared towards my kid-to-be (who currently goes my the name Beckett-to-Be until he's born and drops the hyphens). Sneak peaks will always happen at "think:lab". But the real mac-n-cheese for GrandMa will take place at the newer blog. One day soon I can see a similar post about pony rides and the great choo-choo for Beckett-to-Be, too!

    Hope all is well out in sunny California and that the hiatus from the Googleplex is treating you well (if not over). Look forward to crossing paths one day soon. In the meantime, Google on, my friend and I remind you, "I don't know your friend."

    ITB (and Cheers), Christian "Louden Swain" Long

    By Anonymous Christian Long, at 2:01 PM  

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