Sunday, July 02, 2006

Le Tour a la Google Earth

The NHL playoffs are over...bay area baseball is somewhat boring this season (steroids, anyone?)...ah, time to tune in to one of my summer favorites -- The Tour de France. This year, I'll follow the race both via TV and the 3D route information available via Google Earth.

Good luck, Discovery...nice stage win today, George!


  • hi David,
    I wanted to show you the aerial pictures I do with a baloon :
    some explaination about the technique :

    I beleive you have contacted my developper Renaud Pinoit from concerning the way he used GoogleEarth to follow the huricanes,
    he made my project :

    I'd love coming over to take millions of pictures of the GooglePlex for you...

    you can contact me at :
    Laurent TOLILA
    +33 616 435 777

    best regards,


    By Anonymous laurent tolila, at 8:20 AM  

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