Thursday, June 01, 2006

Current Location: Carlsbad, CA

I'm at the D Conference this week in sunny Carlsbad. Incredible list of attendees, ranging from industry execs, to John Cusack (really!), to Martha Stewart, to an A-List of journalists. Gates opened the conference on Tuesday evening, and Howard Stringer/Sony was my personal highlight of yesterday's speaker line-up. We provided the snacks...

Event pictures here, here, and here...


  • BFD...anyone there GFH? Doubt it. Just you Krane, just you, you freak'n house. Terry Simel? He has Dan as a gopher, he's not FH...just you. Marty Stewart, honk'n jail bird, NOT HUGE. Billie Gates...ok he's huge.

    By Blogger Harry W. Selkow 928-759-8616, at 7:18 PM  

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