Sunday, April 02, 2006


...on two weeks of vacation. I can't believe my time away is over already! Back to life at Google tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for their patience as I essentially ignored my in-box for some much-needed time with family and friends.

Highlights from my time away:

* Family time -- I clocked a record number of hours with LB and Ari during the time I'd normally be at the Googleplex; everything from attending Ari's gym glass to going to lunch in the middle of the day, to napping when he naps...
* Celebrating Ari's first birthday -- thanks to family members from destinations far-away and the bay area for dedicating last Sunday to Ari
* Making it to the gym with some sort of regularity
* Hockey, hockey, hockey -- scored goals in back to back weeks; one victory, one loss
* Hiking the dish with LB and Ari...and getting stuck in a rainstorm with 1.5 miles between us and the car!
* Taking in lots of March Madness, various movies, Sopranos and "Curb" episodes and general TiVo clean-up
* Advising two friends on their respective start-up small businesses (one in real estate, one in personal training/nutrition)
* Witnessing a number of Ari's first (new) words -- "Google," "Shoes," "Blue Ball," "Dishes," "Bert" and the dreaded "NO!"

...and being grabbed by Ari and kissed goodnight on my cheek earlier tonight. I think he knows that tomorrow will be different.


  • Sounds like a great relaxing vacation just taking in life with the family! Sometimes we just have to step to the side, let all the other rat racers pass and just take in a deep breath and enjoy life!

    One day you realzie nothing really was as important as your spouse and your kids. SOunds kitschy, but it's true!

    By Blogger 6inptc, at 5:59 AM  

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