Friday, January 28, 2005

Seed Shopping

Apologies for the lack of updates in this space in recent weeks. Been busy with a zillion things, everything from Google's global sales conference, lots of hockey games, and of course, the Google annual ski trip.

Last Sunday was devoted to The Seed. LB and I spent several hours at a local baby superstore, shopping for some of the basics we'll need when The Seed arrives (due date: March 20 -- less than 2 mos.!). We acquired a crib, some linens and soft padding for the interior perimeter of the crib, an infant car seat, a stroller and misc. clothing items. It was a marathon shopping experience, but I think we're both somewhat relieved that we acquired a number of the essentials, in the event that we have an early arrival!

For those interested, here's more detail on the various items we purchased. Would love any feedback or suggestions you have if you're familiar w/any of these products.

* Stroller: Bugaboo Frog (pictured above) and infant carseat connector
* Infant car seat: Graco Snugride LX5 Metropolitan
* Ragazzi crib
* Various smaller items -- clothing, bath supplies, crib accessories, etc.


  • How about shopping for a name?

    This post was for you:

    Check out:

    Baby Names - Think! Baby Names

    Boys Names that have little or no results on Google.

    "Caesar Krane"

    "Jayson Krane"

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:28 PM  

  • Steve held a "Name the Baby Elefant" contest for Dan. He was almost Hannibal. Another possibility was Sir Cuss.

    By Blogger Pachydrm, at 9:32 AM  

  • The bugaboo frog is a great stroller. Its design received many awards and it's very popular here back in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (I've heard that it also became a hit in the US, after an appearance in Sex and the City).

    Another Seed-Shopping-Must-Have is a 'Stokke KinderZeat' ( This chair has really great design and it's a good buy as you can use it for years and years.

    By Anonymous Thijs, at 7:55 AM  

  • My daughter's name is Paige Krane

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:26 AM  

  • My daughter's name is paige krane as well. 9/3/06 florida

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 PM  

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