Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Introducing Google Video
Search Recent TV Programs Online

Nice write-up about this launch in today's LA Times (subscription required). Work in progress, but proof-of-concept...much more to come from us in this space.

(yes, it's a beta!)


  • Finally! Google just needs another 5 letter word after video (this would be the icing on the cake), and this icing is not gmail, but video gmail wouldn't be too shabby of a feature, especially if it were created by the Google Guys.

    Best case scenario:

    Let's say you have a baby, and you upload a video of your baby onto your blog (assuming your video has a transcript of the words spoken by your baby)...then someone can someday search for your baby video with the words, "Gah Gah Over Google" entered into Google Video Search...that's of course if your baby says these words.

    Now, you can take your personal video collection from your ski trip, and search for your videos on your Google Desktop search. Wouldn't that be a neat application?

    Just imagine, you're on the top of the mountain, enjoying your time at the Google annual ski trip, and you're discussing "moguls" or maybe business, and then you Google moguls, and not only do you find a picture of the Google Guys, but your great video clip of your ski trip...

    Now, that's what I'd call efficiency.

    Here is another great example. You're watching television, and you hear about the latest Google Video Search, and you archive this show on your DVR. You later come back and search your favorite archived shows.

    Now, that's what I'd call really efficient.

    There are so many amazing applications to this technology, yet it's almost SILLY or as sticky as peanut butter.

    One suggestion, visit the Google Video Search and enter all of the following words "FREE" "CALL" "NOW" "GET"

    Look at all those advertisements... Whatever happened to commercial free video search? Are you working on it? Other than the Superbowl, not everyone is a commercial lover, unless you're into advertising...

    This gives me reason to believe that comment spam is just as prevalent in this search methodology...

    Just imagine all the future "Video Bloggers" out there who are going to start creating infomercials now so that they can comment spam Google Video Search.

    There needs to be a "Don't Be Evil" section or an advertising section for the Video Bloggers, or perhaps a special video search for blogs only, as people want to search for real television opposed to blog television, or it needs to be differentiated.

    The challenge with the original Google Search Engine is that its search has already integrated and indexed blogs, and the comment spam has become more than overwhelming at times. Sometimes people aren't looking for blogs, and they're still ending up on the blogs because of a blog comment spam or a blog just happens to appear in a result.

    Google has a great system, but it would be better if they could somehow weed out a blog or differentiate blog search from Web search, and a document... It would be neat if there were a Google Search just for blogs only, for those who are into blogs. Easier said, than done, but it's just something to consider, and you know what I'm alluding to somewhat...

    Anyway, hope you're doing well! Great press release on the Video Search.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:25 AM  

  • The Onion has this take on your new offering...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:29 AM  

  • Google Video has added a lot of new features recently and unfortunately I just came across this site today. Great post and a good first comment by anonymous.

    By Blogger Chrit, at 3:25 PM  

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