Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Yes, Steve did it again -- another successful Macworld performance. As a former member of the Apple PR team, Gizmodo's take on the amazing Apple marketing machine had me in stitches!


  • Hi David,

    Hope all is well at Google! It all boils down to Tiger Woods, you see! Another in the hole situation. Even Mac can show them you're a Tiger! googELdrick Tiger Woods, that is...

    How many Windows or gates can fit into a Mac?

    "Who is that with Jeremy?" <><><> These babies are born with them...

    Oh, move over baby buckle, beanie baby, big daddy, as you're now about to warp to cloud 9 with the Google Guys, and strap on of these thingamajigs onto your belt buckle and be like Sergey on the go with his Googlebot!

    If this piques your interest, you may certainly try "flipping the switch on Linux" with one of these on your belt buckle, or show it to the "Google Guys" who were seen on 60 Minutes. Maybe this is the long lost Apple "Mercedes" convertable that's in your minds, you can take a bite, and dig deep into the core of the Googleplex.

    Search Engine Buckle for Sergey...

    Search = Google
    Engine = Buckle
    Caring = Unique

    Caring for C
    Engine for E
    Search For S

    CES stands for:

    Consumer Electronics Show!

    There is nothing right or wrong about being a little too creative, right brained, left Kraniumed for the benefit of the people who enjoy Google so much, that they can't leave home without it.

    Maybe Google will save his life, or even his doggy!


    Eric:) (YAH Man)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:17 PM  

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