Saturday, September 25, 2004

Gore Visits Google...

The person "formerly known as the next president of the United States" (his words!) visited Google yesterday for an informal chat w/employees. He was in town helping to promote his daughter's new book and working on some other business to be announced later this year. You'd never know this from the broadcast coverage leading up to the 2000 election debacle, but Gore is really quite a jokester! He told a hilarious story about visiting a Shoney's with Tipper (now that he's an "ordinary citizen" and has to take his shoes off before getting on an airplace) and the resulting disaster in the media. This site chronicles the entire story, including each and every quip he shared with us (darn! I thought we were getting new material).

Jimmy Carter visited us recently, too...wearing his "Carter Center" hat. Inspiring what he crams into his schedule on a daily basis.


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