Friday, January 25, 2008

Attention Bay Area oenophiles!

This one is for you...

If you like drinking wine and discussing its attributes, we might be looking for you.

With our expansive (and continuously expanding) wine list, we need someone who can take a few hours per month to sample our new wine offerrings and compare/contrast with our existing wines. You will jot down your thoughts which will then be included in the monthly Educational Memo that is sent to our servers. While we need you to dissect individual wine notes for each wine, more importantly, we will need you to tell us what you believe the differences are between, say, the 7 different Pinot Noirs that we may offer.

A perk of this position is that you will be able to attend many of the wine and liquor events exclusive only to restaurant insiders as a rep of our restaurant. Spirits (and free food!) are almost always served at these events. Attendance isn't mandatory (and won't be compensated) but will be made available to you should they pique your interest.

If you are interested in this position, please send a quick email detailing your interest and qualifications for this position. Please also include what you are asking for as fair compensation.


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