Monday, August 13, 2007

Wyclef visits the Googleplex...

Damn. I missed this.


  • Have you ever heard the Wyclef/ Kenny Rogers mix? It is awesome. On another note, I am sorry to post this here, but I could not locate your email address. I am in the beginning stages of a new start up company that has a very exciting B2B concept and a scale potential that will produce billions in profits for this new start up company. I need an excellent programmer to join me and I will also need an exceptional designer, both who have preferably had experience in search concepts (ex. Google). It would be a perfect world if I could find a former or present Google employee who would like to work with this new start up. I am looking for someone who can work w/ me side-by-side and take my concepts to program language. Some of the concepts will be mid-upper level programming, and it would be nice to find someone who understands how quickly things need to happen with a start up company, and also someone who can work with a designer simultaneously in the same space. Staying lean is key at this stage of a start up company, so I am looking for 2 people (1 designer, and 1 programmer) who are well rounded, yet masters in their field. Someone who would be willing to put in serious sweat equity for a little while, and be willing to do what it takes beyond programming.

    I am 33 years old and I hold a degree in Biological Sciences from the College of Charleston. Two years ago I began a real estate brokerage company and was the top producer in the area both years that I have been in the business, and prior to that I had a partnership in a structural moving company. Unfortunately w/ my biological sciences degree and the career path that I chose, I did not have the pleasure of meeting many programmers. If you are not able to join this adventure personally, I would greatly appreciate any referrals that you could provide that have the knowledge of search programming and the attitude to take on something like this.

    This company will solve the 3 of the biggest problems that business have today, and those solutions will position this company as the best in the world at what is does.

    I am looking for a programmer, and a designer who are considered “animals” at what they do, and have the drive to be a part of the beginning of a billion dollar company. This person should have top level experience on web design projects and be capable of putting together a national website, and also should have worked on projects in the past that would benefit this new company.

    I am presently getting all of my thoughts on paper, and in a reasonable format that anyone else will also be able to understand; not so much a business plan, but just something to get organized. If you or someone that you could recommend would like to talk confidentially regarding the concepts just shoot me an email at I’m definitely willing to fly up to see you or a contact whom you could refer, and would really appreciate a reply. This is very serious and there is great potential to show your abilities here, and you will get the attention you deserve. Thanks so much.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:27 AM  

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