Wednesday, November 23, 2005

We've all been cautioned about these...

Turkey friers, that is...(LB reminds me, "who in the heck wants to eat fried turkey anyway?!") The folks at Underwriters Laboratories have posted a video displaying the numerous ways your fried turkey evening can go wrong!

(via BoingBoing)


  • Use a four-legged burner (MUCH more stable than the "tripod" style). Do the "water trick" (i.e. putting the bagged bird in the frying pot then putting in enough water to cover the bird then taking the turkey out and making a mark at the water line) to determine how much oil you'll need so you don't risk overflow. Make sure the turkey is completely dry inside and out before you put it in. Also make sure it's completely thawed out. Lower it in *slowly*. Don't let the oil overheat (it should be right around 350 F). Keep children and pets a safe distance away. Above all do not do not DO NOT leave everything unattended.

    Do these things and practice a little common sense, and deep-frying a turkey can be a pretty safe thing to do... though it's still considered the 2nd most dangerous form of cooking known to man, after the Japanese art of preparing fugu. A bird so dignified and beautiful deserves only the very best treatment. This is absolutely the juiciest meat you'll ever put in your mouth. The risks are high but they're well worth it :-)

    By Blogger Christopher, at 5:43 PM  

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