Monday, October 10, 2005

Bird Flu 101

Don't panic...the Google doctor puts the latest "health hysteria" into focus.

The consensus is that although it's possible an avian flu epidemic may
occur, no one can predict if it will take place in weeks or years. It all
depends on when that genetic shift (from birds to humans) takes place.


  • If one goes through the details of where the infection surfaced first (in a remote place not on the path of migratory birds nor on an international border close to a country with bird flu -
    ), why there was a rush to buy Tamiflu much ahead of an ANTICIPATED outbreak (even though other preventive measures were never even given a least consideration), who is laughing all the way to the bank (Donald Rumsfeld - ) what are his credentials ( ), one would really get a suspicion on as to why among all the news channels, only NDTV is harping relentlessly making this item a big issue. Rumours are doing the rounds that NDTV has received a huge sum (near to Rs. 500 Crores) under the mislabelling "Prime Time Advertisement Fee" for those untelecast advertisements of Rumsfeld & Co.

    Rumsfeld has strategically scared the US, using all other countries as baits. US is a country where 2 lakh patients are hospitalized with Flu and 36000 of them die - without bird flu but by ordinary flu. So it could be a nightmare to induce Bird Flu strain there, because Rumsfeld could be the first casualty - and what for that money if you cant screw it around; rather it screws you!!

    So, Rumsfeld & Co have started planting the infection in other select countries - like China, India, Thailand etc. - the third world economies. Their economy would also suffer. They could be pursuaded to buy TamiFlu. And, when they buy, you need not pressurise the naturally susceptible country - The US of A. Hatsoff, Rumsfeld, to your pervert intelligence.

    But, NDTV has a duty to the Nation - that it should not forget. The Countrys farmers are suffering with agony because of the scareplan hatched out by NDTV and Rumsfeld together. The country is loosing more than 200 Crores everyday. So far there are no human deaths due to bird flu in India (except the suicide of a farmer who went bankrupt) If NDTV does not stop this scaring tactics - then soon it would be reporting the suicide of farmers and farm workers - probably branding them as BIRD FLU DEATH.............. what a shameless sin. My request to NDTV is to stop pretending that the Fourth Estate is above all, all the way making immoral money geopardizing the lives of over a million people

    By Blogger Pro-farmer, at 9:18 PM  

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