Thursday, August 04, 2005

Google Top 5

This is a fun read...

Top 5 ways my baby will be similar to Google

5. (The baby will) always will have something new for me to be shocked and amazed about.
4. (The baby will) continue to absorb new information everyday.
3. The space capacity (belly) will continue to grow and grow.
2. (The baby will) retrieve large amounts of data (food), archive it and spit it back out.
1. The speed at which it processes content (food) will be amazing.


  • If Google ever makes it on television,

    This would be like Google Alert on television.

    By Anonymous Eric, at 9:10 AM  

  • Hey...came across your site via the Google Blog! Love your profile photo...decided to tell the world. ;)

    By Anonymous Darnell, at 3:41 PM  

  • Hey, Dave! I just got through reading about your conversation with the folks at C|Net, and I've got another one for ya!

    6. (The baby will), realizing that everyone loves and adores it no matter what, will think nothing of crapping on people just because (she) can.

    By Blogger L.N. Smithee, at 1:04 AM  

  • Hey Krane. I went to IU with you. We were in the Journalism School together. It's good to see that such a huge dork came out smelling like roses, and grew a huge ego to boot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:11 AM  

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