Sunday, October 31, 2004

Introducing...The Seed!

OK...since this blog has recently been discovered by a larger readership, no better time than the present to share some huge personal news with new and loyal readers alike.

LB and I are expecting our 1st child! In fact, we're 5 mos. pregnant, due date is March 20 (1st day of Spring), we have no idea what the sex is (we'll find out in the delivery room), and LB is doing great (I'm OK, too...thanks for asking). We refer to it as "The Seed," as it one time was the most gender-neutral term that most closely represented the visual appearance of our baby. Somehow it stuck.

Tip for guys: Buy this book
Tip for girls: You'd be surprised, but Jenny McCarthy is quite funny and helpful in this book

Wish us luck!
(btw, we still haven't told Dixie ...)


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